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EchoPod Sensors

Flowline Echopod | Flowline Sensors
Flowline Echopod | Flowline Sensors :

The Flowline Sensors is a general purpose, non-contact ultrasonic Flowline Level Sensor. The EchoPod Sensor incorporates a switch, controller, & transmitter capabilities in order to handle all fluid and automation challenges. All sensors are well suited for a wide range of corrosive, waste or slurry type media. Each sensor is engineered for accuracy and usability. With a Flowline sensor it is easy to configure, created, save, copy files into one or more units, even email or modify them.....More

Level Transmitters

Flowline Ultrasonic | Flowline Level | Flowline Level Transmitters
Flowline Ultrasonic | Flowline Level | Flowline Level Transmitters :

Flowline level transmitter offers the best ultrasonic, float and pressure measurement solutions for your chemical, water and wastewater tank requirements. Flowline offers explosion proof, safe and general purpose classifications. Non-contact Flowline level transmitters are ideal for corrosive, sticky and dirty liquids. All level transmitters are constructed with stainless steel for high temperature and pressure applications. They are perfect for water, diluted chemicals and light weight oils...More

EchoPulse Radar

Flowline Inc. | Flowline Components | Flowline Controls
Flowline Inc. | Flowline Components | Flowline Controls :

Flowline The general purpose 26 GHz. pulse radar level transmitter provides continuous level measurement up to 98.4 inch (30m) with a 4-20 mA signal output, and is configured via its integral push button display module. The non-contact liquid level sensor is intended for petroleum, water, wastewater and diluted chemical storage or process applications in above or below grade tanks of any material....More

Flow Switches

Flowline Level Switch | Flowline Level
Flowline Level Switch | Flowline Level :

Flowline Flow switch offers the best thermal dispersion liquid and gas flow switch solutions for your low-flow pump and process protection requirements. The flowline sensors are also offered in packages with compact relay controllers for pump or valve control, and junction boxes for wiring termination. The flow controllers are offered in compact and remote configurations to provide low-flow pump or valve control with 1-2 sensor inputs..........More

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Burt Process Equipment was founded in 1970 and has been a growing industrial distributor and manufacturer ever since. We are a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of thermoplastic high purity and corrosion resistant equipment, systems and services. Currently, our engineered systems provide proven solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, institutional, and chemical processing markets. We are continually looking for new associates who bring a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to our organization. Pleaseto submit a BPE Career Form if you are interested in learning more about exciting career opportunities at Burt Process. You should receive an email or phone call within 48 hours.

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About Flowline Inc

Flowline is globally recognized and respected supplier of industrial instrumentation. Flowline designs, manufactures and markets level measurement and control solutions for chemical, water and wastewater applications. Flowline sensors allow industrial manufacturers and municipalities to safely and efficiently manage their contained liquid assets. Innovative sensor designs by Flowline engineers automate tank processes, protect the environment and ensure workplace safety. Flowline products such as the Flowline transmitters are sold and supported worldwide through our stocking distribution partners such as Burt Process Equipment. Customers include design engineers, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, facility management and maintenance decision makers.

About Burt Process Equipment :

Burt Process Equipment is dedicated to providing fluid handling equipment and services worldwide. We carry an extensive line of products and have solutions for all of your fluid handling needs. Our employees are committed to excellence in the quality of our products and services. Burt Process Equipment is one of the largest stocking distributors of Flowline products and our support team is trained to help with all of your flowline controls, flowline echopod, flowline ultrasonic, flowline transmitter, flowline transmitters, flowline switch, flowline inc, flowline sensors, flowline level, flowline components of Signet.

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